Mission:  Follow the Australian Stock Horse campdraft competition to the inaugural event in Bakersfield, California.
Goal:  Produce a podcast, video, and magazine article with a photo layout for the Australian Stock Horse Society.
Challenges:  To build on the interest of the first project in Colorado, yet make the subject matter feel new and exciting.  The site had many more distractions in the form of poles, fence panels, trees, and cars.  Field recording of audio is always a challenge.
Accomplishments:  The clinicians we different and brought a fresh perspective to the event.  The popularity of campdrafting had grown.  While there weren't as many Australian Stock Horses at this event, I was able to feature the participants that attended.
Australian Stock Horse Journal Article and Photo Layout
Companion Video For Campdraft California ASHS Journal

ASHS Chairman David Wilson looks on.

Experienced Reined Cow Horse Trainer, Tommy Thompson works cattle.

All ages compete.

The action is fast.

Riders worked til late in the afternoon.

Maneuverability is key in campdrafting.

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